No illusion is special enough

Eventually, attention to thoughts that are not of Love are cancelled out as they arise, because their base falsehood is noted by corrected perception and they naturally lose their attraction. Aversion in the place of the initial attraction is noted when the mind is listening to ego’s not-God thoughts because those thoughts, with corrected perception, are experienced as discomfort/tension/resistance (one realizes – hmm – it is not what is out there that is the problem, but these thoughts I am holding in mind that are sourcing my discomfort). One loses interest in the world’s activities and enjoyment in life comes from participation via joining in Mind, or forgiveness/surrender, because the activities of the world are seen to be but projections of not-God and so are no longer appealing. One’s only interest is to join the Mind and Will of God, where Love and Peace naturally abide, and to do so, one’s attention is focused on loving thought that bypasses the ups and downs of conflicting egos. Loving thought is held in mind, and one no longer sees “the veil in the face of Christ” that configures conflict, rather, one notices only the Light that seems to shine from Within.

Thoughts that are not of One Love are illusions. There is no need for comparing illusions or for searching the intellect’s database for “special” ones worth hanging onto, because they do not exist.

No illusion that arises from attachment to the forgetful flesh is ever special enough to replace the Love of God. No illusion can ever provide what is Innately Provided, and no illusion is ever so powerful that the Holy Spirit can’t dissolve its hold in an instant. With this realization, the clouds that obscure the light are forever swept from the sun.

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