I am not just a body, and neither are you

I am not just a material body; I am also the nonlinear, wholly connected and wholly informed space that surrounds it and flows through it. Only the ego speaks of the forgetful flesh to be the only medium for “getting together”. This is because the ego and its projection of the belief in separation seems to disconnect from the wholeness of wholly informed space. The body, developed as a frame work for personal abilities to function with seeming autonomy, is a product of the split mind as it projects its power outwards and away from Self, and if given to ego, is used but to further the belief in separation from Love.

The body is intended by ego to separate one from Self-Love unless the mind gives over the body’s purpose to the Holy Spirit. One may have faith in the Holy Spirit to guide the reunification of mankind at the level of the Mind without the body’s intervention. All personal relationships may be handed over to the Holy Spirit for healing. I cannot of my own accord heal; the personal ideas that made up this body were all based in separation. When looked upon, this body provides “proof” of the separation vs proof of eternal Oneness. This aspect of truth is realized as the Holy Spirit corrects my perception, and I no longer view myself or others as just bodies.

All minds are already joined as One in God, and it is not possible to actually separate this One Mind. It is possible though to believe in separation, and to therefore believe that the ego’s use for a body can keep one separated.

Bodies, though, being temporary, are but reflections of the fact that it is not actually possible to separate from God/Source; it is only possible to believe in separation for a period of time.



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