Always a Happy Ending

God creates by eternal extension of Love, and this Power is within us all. Ego makes things by projection of all that is not Love and sorts through its projections on a sensual visual screen, keeping what is randomly self-defined as desirable to identify with and discarding what is not. The process is quite like how a movie is made and then viewed and critiqued; only in “real time”, the movie can be “paused” and “replayed”, at any point in it that one so desires.

Because of the ego’s innate propensity to turn one away from the God/Self/Source-Given Creative Impulse and to identify instead with make-believe things, sorting through what is projected really is like watching a movie. Even the ego says it is safe to watch; it is only a made up movie. However, what ego will never say is that seemingly endless periods of temporal time can go by where one is seemingly stuck sitting in the movie theatre, separated from the True Self and It’s Context of Pure Love; and, desirable or not, seemingly at the mercy of the movie’s content.

Although they are made of nothing, no projections appear exactly alike. Thus all parts of the split mind appear to be different, and in conflict with the other parts.

Shhhh, I am watching the movie!”

Thankfully the only cohesion ego has, though, is its host’s willingness to look at it and listen to it. If the host refuses to look to the contents of the movie for a source of identity, and instead looks beyond the makings of ego to the impulse to Create as God does, the ego’s hold is released.

The One True Self created by the eternal extension of Love is always the Same. It never varies like the ego’s projections. Unlike temporary movies on made-up screens that show all sorts of conflicting content, the Context of God’s Love as the actual Source of Creation and the ability to create – even when extended through His Sons – is Wholly Consistent.

The Holy Spirit, equally present in all separated parts as the Voice for God, aims to heal the split made up by the voice of ego. When the mind is known to be Whole, the ego is dismissed, and the movie ends. Creation Continues, Always a Happy Ending.


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