Rambling on Freud, Jung, Hawkins and The Talking Cure

It is no coincidence that my favorite spiritual teacher, Dr David R Hawkins, was also a psychiatrist.

I watched the movie “A Dangerous Method” last night. It is a movie based on the interplay between Freud, Jung and a patient who was cured by Jung and went on to become a famous psychiatrist herself.

The patient had been beaten routinely by her father as a young child. The problem, which turned into a full blown mental illness for the patient, was that when her father beat her, it turned her on sexually. She would have to masturbate after each beating in order to relieve the tension. She was cured by Jung implementing Freud’s “Talking Cure” with her, which was the basis for what is known today as psychoanalysis. In a nutshell, she was able to release the compressed energy by talking about it, and get on with her life.

I was sexually molested at a very young age – at around age four. It both terrified me and turned me on. I was thus “sexualized” long before the developing psyche was able to deal with those feelings appropriately. The act itself was repressed, and in my own mind, I was demonized. I was a horrible, worthless person. Thus began decades of consciously and unconsciously dealing with the feelings of worthlessness that were attached to my libido.

Compression of the truth of what went sideways in early childhood development contributed to a mind/body that became very ill. The sexual molestation and compression of the truth and its consequences was the ugly monster in the closet, under the bed,and hiding in the dark. It was the elephant in the room.

Psychoanalysis in terms of professional availability seems to be a thing of the past, unfortunately. Today’s psychiatrists don’t sit and listen while patients delve into the unconscious for sources of mental illness in order to let them go, they simply prescribe medications that appear to assist the mentally ill with “being appropriate”, and which often further compress the energy. I tried that route, and it made me feel suicidal.

Eventually the compressed energy came out when I could simply no longer hold it in anymore. My family refused to discuss what had happened – there were no insights or support available from them. There was no professional available who could help me, nobody I could make an appointment with who would oversee the process. So, over the course of years, I, of my own accord, allowed all of my repressed memories and their associated energies (some call these negative energies “demons”) to come to the surface and to be noticed and surrendered. It seems I was everything but appropriate in the way it transpired; in many circumstances, it/I was downright ugly. It was ugly, but it worked to implement “The Talking Cure” with myself, and allow the energy to be released.


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